The " Z RINGU" kennel was founded by Bruno Fagoš in 1967. His first female was FRETY ze Šalamounky who gave 2 succesful litters. The star BUKY z Ringu come from the second litter. Until now , he is only Czech world winner 1971. Due to family reason, unfortunatelly the breeding had to be stopped. In 1997, due to Bruno and his sohn Robert, a new era of the kennel started. The re-founder of the kennel become the imported ORKA Floyd Fender Edda, of course grandgrandgran....doughter of BUKY z Ringu.
The Z RINGU has high goods combining working talent with good health and superior exterior.


Each boxer is a big personality with slightly different needs for movement, food, rest ....
To be able to respect the needs of our dogs diet composition,
fed from the beginning of history our kennel , homemade food, with
that every individual has different proportions of ingredients, added vitamins and herbs according to their load, age and current condition.
Dry foods we are feeding as well, we take as a supplement or a quick meal on long trips to shows.
Even here, however, that we try to choose brands that meet our requirements for meat, preservatives, etc.


In training we are maximalist.
Every top sportsman needs a team that takes care of his needs.
Without respect for these needs is not sportsman (racing dog who undoubtedly is) who can not give 100%



Puppies grow up with us in the midst of family affairs, in the kitchen, the living room, in the garden.
They are always the centerpiece of the whole family. They are fed a natural diet (as well as adults).
Each of them is the personality. We try to respect their individuality.
Their departure from our home it does not end. We're trying to stay in touch with them all their lives, to help new owners.
A big thanks to all owners Z Ringu´s for the care and concern for them, even for photos that they send :-)

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Our veterans are our grey gold. For the entire life of us learned very much,
their successes wrote our history, helping us to raise our children and they are our partners for ever.
We love, admire and respect them. With regard to their physical condition we practice with them,
coddle them and we never give up. They deserve it ... The wisdom of old dogs just can not be described in one sentence.

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that's what should penetrate the entire breeding ..... despite a long history (or perhaps just for a long history)
we can say that we still have something to learn and learn ... whether from the "old" breeders or police and military dog handlers,
whose knowledge is priceless.
So RESPECT. Respect and humility ... for individuals, for breed ....





...and as time went:

BUKY z Ringu Bruno and Robert Fagoš
World winner 1971 ORKA FLOYD Fender Edda - 4. place ATIBOX Lyon 1998
Buky-z-Ringu Orka-floyd-fender-edda



Jozef Šuster, Marián Paulenka, Robert Fagoš + FLOYD z Ringu Robert Fagoš
ATBOX WM 2003, IPO3 - 3. place Helper ATIBOX WM 2003


Robert Fagoš, Udo Herrmann, Martin Tóth Robert Fagoš + FRETY z Ringu
Helpers and judge ATIBOX WM 2003 ATIBOX WM 2005, IPO3 - 4. place + Best obedience (97b)


Lucia Komárová + GENNY z Ringu ATIBOX 2004:Robert Fagoš, David Conde,Miguel Sánchez-Guerrero
ATIBOX 2004 ( NL) Winner of the open class
JOSHUA z Ringu, KOTO de Guezman, BARON Rojo de Villaba


Jana and Robert Fagoš + ORKA F. Fender Edda a GENNY z Ringu Jana and Robert Fagoš + GENNY a JOSHUA z Ringu
GENNY - Winner of the year
JSZ Italy:
  JOSHUA - Exc.2 ( tř. šampionů), GENNY - class campionato


Robert Fagoš + JOSHUA z Ringu Robert Fagoš + KORIDA z Ringu
Club show Prag - Best male
JSZ Slovakia 2006 - Winner of the year


Robert Fagoš, Alesandro Tanonni + ORRY z Ringu Jana Fagošová + ORRY z Ringu
JSZ CZ 2006 - Best young
JSZ CZ 2006 - BOB


Alesandro Tannoni, Robert Fagoš, Alena Žarská Robert Fagoš + QUIJOTE d´Esglai
NORDIA del Colle dell´Infinito JSZ CZ 2007 - Winner of the year
JSZ Slovakia 2007 - Best baby


JOSHUA z Ringu ( 2007) Lucia Komárová + GENNY z Ringu (2007)
ATIBOX WM, IPO3 9. place ( 21 competitors) ATIBOX WM, IPO3 10. place, Best protection (98b)


 ATIBOX WM 2007 Ronco all´Adige, Itálie/Italy
Robert and Jana Fagoš, Lucia Komárová, Bohuslav Coufal, Iva Fojtíková


Lucia Komárová + GENNY z Ringu (2006) Robert Fagoš + QUERRY z Ringu
Working champion of SK in IPO 3 +Best defence ( SK)  


Robert Fagoš + JOSHUA z Ringu (2007) Robert Fagoš + JOSHUA z Ringu (2007)
Working champion of SK in IPO3 +Best obedience Centraleuropean club winner


Robert Fagoš + JOSHUA z Ringu (2008)
JOSHUA z Ringu (2008)
Winner of the year ( Hungaria)
Vice- world champion ATIBOX WM ( PL)


Jana Fagošová + NORDIA del Colle Dell´Infinito (2008)
Lucia Komárová +GENNY z Ringu +Jozef Klíma
Winner of the year ( Slovakia)
  Best competitor from SK + Oldest competitor

Robert Fagoš + JOSHUA z Ringu (2009)


Jana Fagošová + Dee Dee Ramone de Cuervonegro (2010)
we cooperate with the film agency... this time commercial with Dee Dee Ramone ...


Lucia + Zerachiel z Ringu  Robert Fagoš + Balrog z Ringu
Junior winner of the year 2010  Junior winner of the year 2011


regular meetings of Z Ringu´s ... little barbecue, workouts, but mostly always nice meeting for all of us!!


ATIBOX 2010 (PL), class 9-12- months ATIBOX 2010 (PL), class 9-12- months
1. place 2. place


.. and our youngsters (2012)
BALROG z Ringu, BESTIA z Ringu, ENERGY z Ringu, RASH de Villalba, ISA de Cuervonegro


RAKKIE z Ringu
April 2012:  our trip to Spain to Championship - Rakkie is 3 x Champion of the Spain in IPO 3 !!! (2012)

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Dr. Zsolt Varszegi Memorial Trophy 2012
BALROG z Ringu ISA de Cuervonegro
Exc.1, CAC, Best working male
Exc. 1, HPJ, Young club winner brindle female, Best young female, Best junior


BESTIA z Ringu - 2014 BALROG z Ringu -2014
Champion of Czech Republic in IPO3 and Justitzův Memoriál winner
Interchampion, Club winner, Club champion
+ Best track and Best defence
Champion of CZ and SK
bestouch balrog


2015 - our new partner
( Tommy dei Roeri x Isa de Cuervonegro)




"we" have another WORLD´S CHAMPION !!! - RAKKIE z Ringu ( 10,5 years old) and Juanjo Barragán de Los Rios :-) :-)

rakkie zeno6


our dream come true LEVIATHAN z Ringu was  WINNER OF THE OPEN CLASS ATIBOX 2018 !!!